We understand the future as a challenge to be mastered

The environment, the economy, career, ethics: Young opinion leaders seek answers to contemporary questions in discussion. We offer a forum to the decision makers of tomorrow and the opportunity to make contact with firms, institutions, scientists, journalists and politicians. The opportunity to exchange views and to build a substantiated opinion. 

Our services range from consulting to event management. With more than twenty years of experience, we identify opinion leaders from the coming generation and offer them the opportunities to advance themselves.

We connect the decision makers of tomorrow

We identify committed and highly motivated young people and young adults. Be it speakers of student bodies or editors of school magazines, activists in social or communal projects, boy-/girl-scout leaders or CEOs of student enterprises: We offer them training programs, courses of further education and insights into the interrelated nature of economic, political, scientific and ethical questions. Our services range from consulting to event management. In doing so, we act as either the organizer or the operational service provider. Our customers include national and international firms and institutions, governments and NGOs. We not only work for young people, but also with them. Gifted former participants are an important part of our team.

We provide assistance to those who assist others

As part of its young leaders program, young leaders GmbH offers communication training, further education and direct contact to high-ranking experts from industry, science, journalism and society.

Youth press congress

After an introduction to the basics of journalism, the young leaders address questions to representatives of international firms and institutions. Afterwards, they create TV-magazines and print newspapers, coached by professional journalists.

European Youth debating competition

100 young leaders from all over the country gather in a parliament setting and discuss important challenges of our time. The best debaters qualify for the European final. The European Youth debating competition has taken place in many major European cities.

young leaders academy

A week filled with training seminars, lectures and discussions regarding the themes of the future. Experts from various areas are in the thick of things. 
A media training event provides the conclusion.

Ready for the future?

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