young leaders workshops

young leaders workshops

Economy, philosophy, sustainability

Whether in the radio studio, on the shoot of social media clips, while recording exciting podcasts, or in the middle of problem-solving in the gripping simulation game “Future Lab” – the young leaders workshops are always hands-on.

Everyone gets their money’s worth in this colorful mix. Diverse modules make the workshops in Germany’s metropolises varied and generate space for creativity. Participants zero in on a central question concerning our future: How can we achieve more sustainability in society, business, and politics?

Participants interview experts, research facts, and present their own podcasts or social media posts. Alternatively, they produce their own radio clip with news, interviews, and opinion pieces. Professional journalists coach, give tips, share their tricks for moderation and camera work, and explain their approach to distinguishing between facts and fake news.

In the “Future Lab”, the focus is on exchange and discussion: paths to a more sustainable future are sought and discussed together.