youth press congress

youth press congress

Media in non-stop action

Enthusiastic young opinion leaders who raise engaging questions, proofread for the best phrasing, and type everything into laptops at the last minute – this is the typical and often hectic finale at our youth press conventions. Over the course of one weekend, 100 school newspaper editors, journalism trainees, and more socially, ecclesiastically, or politically active young people experience the day-to-day work life of a journalist. Expert professionals are at their side: journalists, camera crews, and editors who normally work for large broadcasters and national newspapers. Here, young opinion leaders are introduced to the tricks of the trade and then get started themselves.

Experts and top-tier managers from business, science, politics, and society present powerful visions for the future in keynote speeches. Afterwards, they are available at their stands at the young leaders fair for research queries, interviews, and background discussions. The same day, both the television report and the online blog are proudly presented to the assembled participants and guest speakers. The next morning over breakfast, participants scan the headline of their own article in the convention newspaper – hot off the press.

Whether in Hamburg or Munich, Dresden or Berlin – in the past years we have already run more than 170 youth press conventions all over Germany.

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