young leaders academy

young leaders academy

Attention – eye-opening experiences await!

Be it student representatives, youth coaches for local sports teams, head altar boys and girls, or editors-in-chief of school newspapers: everyone comes together at a young leaders academy. 100 young opinion leaders from all over Germany that already take on social responsibility for others in their volunteer and extracurricular activities are part of this event.

These young leaders discuss with experts from business, science, and society. What is the basis of human dignity? What does responsibility mean in times of globalisation? What qualifications do young people need to be successful?

Young people who stand up for others and make a difference spend a week developing concrete strategies for the future. Highlights include media skills trainings with professional journalists who usually work for nationwide television channels or major newspapers. Corporations present their career opportunities, ministries explain their policies, and research institutions exhibit their latest projects. The participants transform this “material” into a television report, a convention newspaper, and an online blog. All within 24 hours – media journalism in action!

Also in the program: tailor-made, professional trainings, such as public speaking and body language workshops, rhetoric and negotiation courses, assessment centre preparation workshops, and much more.

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