young leaders academy in Paderborn: Mia reports

“Now you are reading the second report on a young leaders event here on the homepage within a few weeks. Because after I was able to participate in the young leaders’ Youth Future Forum in Berlin over a weekend in October, I couldn’t wait to return and also try out a new event format. There are many different ones, such as the jugend presse kongress, the Jugend-ZukunftsForum, weekend workshops on various topics, philosophy and Latin academies, and the six-day young leaders academy, which I attended last week in Paderborn.
The program included lectures, presentations and statements by experts, plenary discussions and the development of future concepts in small groups. Thematically, these included sustainability, mobility, artificial intelligence, human dignity and other exciting, highly topical and in some cases controversial issues.”

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Source: School homepage Max-Windmüller-Gymnasium Emden, 2021

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